BREAKING: Gas Line Explosion Shuts Down Florida Turnpike at Lake Worth Rd.

An explosion and broken gas line has shut down all north and southbound lanes of the Florida Turnpike at Lake Worth Road on Thursday morning.

The explosion blew chunks of cement and concrete out of a noise abatement wall running alongside the Turnpike, and debris is scattered all over the road.

Video from a WPTV viewer showed brown-colored smoke shooting into the sky just feet from the highway.

This Lake Worth resident says he heard a massive explosion that shook his house. He thought he was under some kind of attack. He says he went outside and heard a loud hissing sound that sounded like a jet engine. He then called 911 and was told that residents who live within five miles of the turnpike off Lake Worth Road need to evacuate. Listen to the witness describe the scary experience.

Witness to explosion in Lake Worth