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90-day vegan: Luke Combs is determined to “prevail,” but “looking forward to a good deer steak”

ABC/Todd Wawrychuk

ABC/Todd WawrychukLuke Combs is now a vegan. 

Yep, you read that right. The deer-hunting, fast-food-loving country hitmaker has revamped his eating habits to cut out all animal products. 

It’s not because he’s overhauling his health or becoming an activist, however — it’s because he lost a football bet.

You see, Luke bet his keyboard player Neil Tankersley that his home state Carolina Panthers would beat Neil’s hometown Atlanta Falcons. To understand the stakes, you need to know that Neil is balding — save for the back and sides of his head — and, well, Luke loves to eat. 

“The bet was if the Panthers won,” Luke explains, “he had to grow his hair out for three months and wasn’t allowed to wear a hat on stage.  So, you can imagine how terrible that would have looked.”

“But, on the other side of the bet,” Luke continues, “he decided that I would have to go vegan for three months if I lost.”

So how’s Luke doing so far? 

“I’m still alive. I’ll put it that way,” he says. “I eat a lot of bars, protein bars, lot of veggies.  And, if you’re not familiar with vegan, it’s no animal products whatsoever — no meat, no cheese, no milk, no butter, no anything good.”

Even though the “Does to Me” hitmaker still has quite awhile to go before living up to his part of the deal, he’s determined to make it.

“I’ve still got about 70 or 80 odd days left, which is pretty depressing to think about,” he confesses. “But I will prevail through the end of this! But I’m looking forward to a good deer steak after this is all said and done.”

Look for a big announcement about Luke’s What You See Is What You Get Tour coming Thursday morning. 

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