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A ‘Lady Like’ dilemma leaves “More Hearts Than Mine” hitmaker Ingrid Andress wishing for some “creepy DMs”

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Warner Music NashvilleLady Like, the debut album by Ingrid Andress, arrives today, just as her first single, “More Hearts Than Mine,” is only a couple steps away from the top five. 

The Colorado native’s finding that lots of folks relate to her story about a family who loves her boyfriend every bit as much as she does.

“It’s been crazy hearing everybody’s stories that they have about it,” Ingrid tells ABC Audio. “That’s been the most fun interaction, is people coming up to me and being like, ‘Oh, that’s just like my dad.’ Or like grandparents who come to my shows [and are] like, ‘Oh, this was our story.'”

Ironically, the wholesome hit isn’t necessarily having a positive effect on Ingrid’s actual dating life.

“I get zero creepy DMs…” she laughs. “Nobody’s ever hitting on me, which I’m like, ‘Okay! Can somebody please hit on me and not talk about their family?'”

The singer/songwriter is getting plenty of compliments from male fans, even if they are a bit left-handed.

“It’s really great, because these guys are like, ‘Oh, yeah, I don’t normally listen to female country artists, but I really like your stuff,'” Ingrid explains.

“And I’m just like, ‘Thank you for that. Appreciate it,'” she says with a quizzical smile. “How do I respond to that?”  

Ingrid’s already made history, along with her label mate, Gabby Barrett. “More Hearts Than Mine” and Gabby’s “I Hope” mark the first time in Billboard history two new female country artists have landed their debut singles in the top ten at the same time.

Lady Like is available to stream or download now.

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