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Adam Hambrick’s new song tributes COVID-19 healthcare workers, including his wife

Capitol Records Nashville

Capitol Records NashvilleAdam Hambrick’s just-released new tune, the sweeping “Between Me and the End of the World,” speaks to all the healthcare workers sacrificing their own safety to care for those diagnosed with the COVID-19 coronavirus. 

For Adam, the tribute is personal: His wife is a physician assistant who has been treating patients during the pandemic. 

He wrote the song alone, recording the vocals in his bedroom and enlisting the other musicians on the track to send in their parts from their respective homes during quarantine. 

The singer says that his personal experience gave him a particularly poignant perspective on the importance of healthcare workers, and he hopes the song will serve to honor all the work that those on the frontlines are doing to stop the spread of the virus. 

“This song is for all the people who step in and serve people when things go horribly wrong,” Adam reflects. “I have spent this quarantine watching my wife go off to work as a physician assistant to do her version of that, testing and treating people for the virus. It has given me a new appreciation for all the people who spend their lives serving others in difficult times. It’s terrifying seeing someone you love do what they were made to do but have to do it in harm’s way.”

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