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After the loss of her parents and a painful divorce, Shania says ‘I Still Believe’

Michael Kubeisy

Michael KubeisyToday, Shania Twain — the actress — opens in her most high-profile movie role so far, starring as Christian artist Jeremy Camp‘s mother in the emotional film, I Still Believe

KJ Apa — who is Archie on Riverdale — plays the popular singer, in the movie that chronicles Camp’s romance with his wife, Melissa, as she battles cancer. 

The story’s one that resonates with Shania personally, since she herself lost her parents unexpectedly when she was in her early twenties.

“I was just very inspired by I Still Believe,” she says, “relating to the grief, relating to the courage that you do have to draw on when you face adversity, when you face something really painful, painful decisions.”

“I was also inspired by the commitment of love and devotion,” Shania continues. “And I Still Believe just warmed my heart.”

Shania also connects with the film in another way, having spent the last dozen years battling back from a painful split with her husband and longtime musical collaborator, Mutt Lange

“Love evolves, life evolves,” she observes, “and it’s really all about finding beauty and positivity and digging deep down for your courage to get through and get on to the other side, and allow those emotions and sentiments to take on new meaning so that you can carry on, and that you don’t get stuck and weighed down.”

She reflects: “I relate very much to the story in that sense. I Still Believe says it all really. I do still believe in all things that if you lose faith, you would otherwise just not be able to carry on.”

I Still Believe is new in theaters today. 

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