At Least 5 Dead on Mount Everest After Human Traffic Jam

Mountaineering officials say that at least five people have died in recent days after a human traffic jam near the summit of Mount Everest.

Don Cash, an American climber who scaled the highest mountains on all continents reportedly died of probable altitude sickness on the way down from Everest.

According to Pasang Tenje Sherpa, head of Pioneer Adventures, Cash became ill while at the summit, and was treated after falling numerous times, but later died.

Altitude sickness occurs from low amounts of oxygen at high elevations. It can cause headaches, vomiting, shortness of breath and mental confusion.

The Press Trust of India news agency also says that two more Indian climbers died while descending Mount Everest this week, along with an Austrian.
U.K.-based climbing company 360 Expeditions reports that an Irish climber died on Friday while climbing the mountain.

Other media say that as many as 10 climbers have died in recent days.

Spring is a popular climbing season, as May typically has good weather that offers climbers the best chance of success.

The 2019 death toll for 29,000-foot Mount Everest stands at 17, the worst in decades