Authorities release footage of newborn left in bag in an attempt to find parents

Officials in Georgia have released footage of the moment police found a newborn baby who had been abandoned in a plastic bag on the side of the road.

The discovery was made on June 6th in Cumming, Georgia.

According to the report, residents in the area contacted the police after they heard the infant crying and discovered her wrapped inside of a yellow plastic bag and placed in a wooded area.

Responding officers wrapped the infant, which they believe to have been just hours old at the time, in a jacket and took her to an area hospital to be checked out.

Despite being wrapped in a plastic bag for hours, the infant is said to be “thriving.”

Authorities, however, say they are still searching for the infant’s mother and have even decided to release the footage of the moment the infant they named India, was discovered in hopes that someone may recognize the infant or may know something about the case.

As of now, India remains in the care of the Georgia Department of Family and Children.

Authorities reported that though this is a criminal case, the mother may avoid charges under certain circumstances.