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Babysitter arrested after woman’s body found in trunk of car


Authorities in Titusville, Florida have arrested a woman after they found the body of a missing woman inside the trunk of her car.

Anna M. Primavere who rented a room at a home on 4005 Trinidad Avenue was reported missing last Friday.

During the investigation authorities say they went to the home and found the landlord’s child bruised, filthy, and eating dirt alone in the home.

The child’s babysitter 27-year-old Courtney Dawn Gibson who should have been in the home disappeared. Police say she was nowhere to be found around the time Primavere went missing.

Authorities later discovered surveillance video showing Gibson driving away from the home with a mattress on top of her vehicle.

At some point during Gibson’s drive, the mattress fell off of the vehicle and onto the side of the road. Gibson then attempted to burn it but was unsuccessful. She then reportedly drove to her parent’s home in Lebanon, Tennessee where investigators later found her Wednesday.

Authorities say Gibson refused to cooperate with the investigation and would not allow authorities to search her vehicle. Despite Gibson’s refusal, authorities were eventually able to search Gibson’s vehicle once they received a search warrant.

Upon searching her car, police made a gruesome discovery. They found Primavere’s body inside the trunk of Gibson’s car.


Officials say Gibson turned herself in on Thursday and is now being charged with child neglect for leaving a child and tampering with evidence for burning the mattress.

It has also been reported that the man who Primavere was renting a room from at the home, Zongmu Wang, was also arrested. Investigators say Wong is the parent of the child Gibson was babysitting at the residence. Titusville police have charged him with child abuse. Police say they are still looking into whether Wang had a role in the death of Primavere.