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Before “Six Feet Apart,” Luke Combs wondered if it was too “cheesy” to write a song about COVID-19

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ABC/Mark Levine

ABC/Mark LevineLuke Combs’ just-released, pandemic-inspired “Six Feet Apart” has struck a major chord with fans since he first debuted it during a livestream show. So much so, in fact, that the singer speedily released a studio version of the song just a couple weeks after he first shared it. 

However, Luke wasn’t sure the song would go over as well as it did: In fact, as he reveals to the Tennesseean, he thought it might be a little bit too on-the-nose to release a song about the COVID-19 pandemic.

The singer wrote the song during an April 14 co-writing session with Brent Cobb and Rob Snyder, which was conducted over video chat. In the days leading up to the writing session, as Luke considered different songwriting topics, he realized there was a major elephant in the room. 

“I think I just asked them out of the blue, ‘Hey, do we write a song about this thing? Or is that too cheesy?’” he recalls. 

Fortunately, Brent and Rob were both wondering the same thing. In fact, they’d already come up with the preliminary idea for a song about being stuck indoors, quarantined and unsure of what their future might bring.

“They actually sent me an idea that they had, and the title was ‘Six Feet Apart.’ We were kind of on the same wavelength, without even talking to each other [about it],” Luke continues. “The next day, it felt like it wrote itself, really.”

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