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Benjamin Crump to Sue Sunrise Police After Boy Drowns During Pursuit


Broward family of a teen who drowned while fleeing police is preparing to sue to find out how he died.
Attorney Benjamin Crump says 16-year-old Damian Martin either fell or jumped into the canal that he had swam in his entire life and Sunrise Police watched while he drowned.
Crump says they are filing an intent to sue the Sunrise Police Department.

Crump says Damian Martin died on March 8th running from police after allegedly stealing a car.
He says witnesses saw Martin struggling to breath while drowning in the canal as Sunrise police officers watched with their guns drawn.
Crump says witnesses also claim that the young suspect was hit by a Taser before he fell or jumped into the canal.
Crump said they are filing an intent to sue so that they can obtain any video surveillance officers might have that showed the Fort Lauderdale teen’s death.

Crump says the suit is aimed at get to the truth because he says Sunrise police will not answer their questions. Crump says they want the truth, transparency and accountability