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Blake Shelton went over-the-top on Christmas shopping for Gwen Stefani

Blake Shelton

Sounds like Blake Shelton is going all-out for wife Gwen Stefani this Christmas. 

Blake reveals that each year, the couple encourages each other to not buy gifts. But Gwen hasn’t always followed that advice when it comes to shopping for her now-husband and her three children: Kingston, 15, Zuma, 13, and Apollo, 7. 

“We do the deal every year where it’s like ‘don’t’ get me anything for Christmas’…and then sure enough, I’m sitting there on Christmas morning and there’s a pile of crap that tall of gifts that she gets me,” Blake explains on The Ellen DeGeneres Show“I don’t like that feeling of ‘here’s your earring’ and then whatever the kids got her, and we have these mountains.”

But it appears the tables have turned this year. With this being their first Christmas together as husband and wife, Blake says he went so over the top with gift buying that he had to call the company he had been ordering from online to dispute charges they thought were credit card fraud.

“I’m getting her a bunch of stuff. I don’t know that she’s going to like any of it, but it’s going to look good in the wrapping paper,” he jokes. 

Blake and Gwen got married on their ranch property in Blake’s native Oklahoma on July 3.

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