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‘Bluebird’: Miranda Lambert sings from a cage, but delivers a hopeful message in new music video

RCA Nashville/Vanner Records

RCA Nashville/Vanner RecordsMiranda Lambert plays the title character of her new song, “Bluebird,” in the just-released music video for the track. Decked out in feathers and blue eyeshadow, she performs from the inside of a bird cage as a glamorous, expressionless crowd of concertgoers eye her from their seats.

Still, the song’s message is ultimately one of hope. 

“I love ‘Bluebird.’ It’s a song like I’ve never written before and I’m so proud to be a part of it,” Miranda reflects. “Since I wrote it, I’ve been seeing bluebirds everywhere. The bluebirds had always been there — I live on a farm — but I never saw them like I see them now. It reminds me to open my eyes to what’s around me.”

The singer debuted her new music video on YouTube on Friday, after hosting a live, virtual Q&A session with fans. 

“Bluebird” is the second single to head to country radio off of Miranda’s latest album, Wildcard, following her top-fifteen hit, “It All Comes Out in the Wash.”

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