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Brad Paisley hosts video chat with staff at Wegman’s grocery store dressed as superheroes

Brad Paisley
ABC/Mark Levine

ABC/Mark Levine Not all heroes wear capes — except for the ones at Wegman’s grocery store in upstate New York, who are dressing like superheroes to serve their customers. 

The staff at Wegman’s in Dewitt, New York have been donning various superhero costumes, ranging from Batman and Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles to Wonder Woman, as a way to keep morale up in the store. 

When Jessica Smith, a Wegman’s employee, reached out to Brad Paisley through social media about their heroic efforts, he was so inspired that he hosted a video conference with the staff to say thank you. 

“Grocery store workers are going above and beyond these days. They’re superheroes,” Brad praises in a video on Instagram sharing clips from the call. 

Store Manager Mike Pysnack said the response to the costumes has been “great.” “We’re trying to lighten the mood a little with everything that’s going on,” he says. 

“I love the idea of you guys dressing up like superheroes because that’s what you are,” Brad continues. “I’m so inspired by people like you. What a way to make your customers feel a little bit safer.”

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