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Brett Eldredge revisits ‘Raymond’ for Alzheimer’s Association’s collection of ‘Music Moments’

ABC/Randy Holmes

ABC/Randy HolmesBack in 2010, when he was just starting his country career, Brett Eldredge released “Raymond” as his debut single. In the song, a nursing home worker develops a relationship with an Alzheimer’s patient who calls him Raymond, believing him to be her son. 

The story was a personal one for Brett, whose grandmother was battling Alzheimer’s at the time he wrote the song. 

Now, the singer has shared a new version of his early ballad as part of the Alzheimer Association’s “Music Moments” initiative, a collection of recordings dedicated to the disease and those affected bit it, People reports. 

“I was actually just getting my record deal when I found out my grandmother was starting to get worse with Alzheimer’s..I just remember that feeling of, ‘How do I even make sense of all this?’” Brett says in a new performance video

“I chased that emotion down, and I wrote, and tried to work through it, and cope with it that way,” he adds. 

Nine other artists from the country genre and beyond have joined Brett in contributing songs to the Music Moments album. Among them is Lee Ann Womack, Americana artist Jason Isbell and many more. 

Music Moments is available for streaming beginning Friday morning.

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