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Brett Young says that even though ‘Weekends Look a Little Different These Days’, he wouldn’t change a thing

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Courtesy of BMLG Records

Brett Young is gearing up to release his third album, Weekends Look a Little Different These Days, and the singer hopes that his newest chapter helps fans get to know even more about who he is as an artist.

“I write what I know and what’s going on in my life,” Brett explains to Billboard. “That’s always what I want to share with my fans: ‘This is what’s going on.’ I think themes evolve the more you’re writing toward the project, sometimes not on purpose. This became a pretty clear picture of where I’m at in life and as a songwriter.”

Looking around from the vantage point of his current life stage, Brett’s pretty happy with the view. That applies to his recent milestone birthday, too: He turned 40 this year, and didn’t really find mainstream success in the music business until his mid-30s.

“I think we’re all a little wild and not prepared for most things in life in your 20s. I think I make better decisions now than when I was 25,” he reflects. “I’m leaning into it and love being 40.”

Weekends Look a Little Different These Days arrives Friday. The track list features Brett’s latest number-one hit, “Lady.”

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