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Brothers Osborne are up “All Night” with new single

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EMI Records Nashville

EMI Records NashvilleBrothers Osborne bring the edge with their new single, “All Night.” 

The CMA Award-winning duo of John and TJ Osborne stay in tune with their classic rock-meets-country sound on the gritty track, which finds them throwing a country party equipped with moonshine and a “hell of a time,” ready to set the night on fire with a fierce melody accented with electric guitar.

Co-written by the dup and Andrew DeRoberts, TJ lets his smooth voice do the talking as he sings, “Dancin’ out the denim in ’em, oh my/I got the fuse, if you got the light/I got the all, if y’all got the night/All night.”   

“We love to write very heartfelt, deep songs, but every now and again you need a song that’s just about having a good time and partying and letting your hair down and not overthinking it,” TJ says.

“That’s the type of song I feel like the world could use right now with all the stress that we’re going through, so put on your dancing boots, crank this one up and commence to dancin,’” adds John. 

“All Night” is the first song off the Brothers Osborne’s forthcoming third studio album.

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