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Brothers Osborne are WhistlePig Legends with the launch of a new, personally selected whiskey line


If you’ve ever wanted to share a glass of whiskey with Brothers Osborne, now’s your chance: The country duo recently made the trek up to Vermont to create their own special whiskey line, in partnership with the WhistlePig Legends series.

The Brothers Osborne Barrel is a single-barrel, limited-edition rye whiskey that John and TJ Osborne personally selected. A new video celebrating the launch of the line takes viewers inside the tasting process as the brothers learn about the whiskey-making process and hone in on their favorite flavors.

“We got to meet the incredible team that was working on this brilliant whiskey, and within 30 seconds, we’re laughing, we’re joking — I mean, they’re our kind of people,” John explains.

For the brothers, whiskey sipping is an integral part of the music-making process.

“There is no better duo than country music and whiskey,” John continues. “It’s one of my favorite pastimes, just to sit down with a guitar and a glass, and write some music.”

The Brothers Osborne Barrel is available for purchase online, and a limited number of autographed bottles are available.

A portion of the sales proceeds will benefit the Nashville-based Rogers Behavioral Health and their Mission Possible Fund, which works to provide free mental health treatment for low-income patients.

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