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Broward Doctor: People are Dying at Home due to fear of Contracting COVID-19 at ER


Broward County emergency room doctor says too many people are not presenting for care at the ER with heart attack or stroke symptoms because they fear contracting the coronavirus.

Dr. Randy Katz is the Medical Director of Emergency Services at Memorial Regional Hospital in Broward County. He told the South Florida Morning Show that the emergency room is a safe environment for patients who have COVID-19 and for people with other ailments to access care as well. There is now reason to stay away from a hospital in South Florida, all patients can be safely treated and lives saved.

A survey of nine major hospitals last month showed the number of severe heart attacks being treated in U.S hospitals had dropped by nearly 40% since the novel coronavirus took hold in March, leaving cardiologists worried about a second wave of deaths caused indirectly by Covid-19: patients so afraid to enter hospitals that they are dying at home or waiting so long to seek care that they’re going to suffer massive damage to their hearts or brains. Some call it “a virus of fear.”

Listen to Jen and Bill’s full interview with Dr. Randy Katz here.
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