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Broward Nursing Home Reports 16 Coronavirus-related Deaths

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Sixteen residents of a Broward County nursing home have lost their lives from coronavirus-related illnesses, according to a state report released on Florida.

The report on coronavirus-related deaths in Florida nursing homes, which is released weekly, says the deaths occurred at the Manor Pines Convalescent in Wilton Manors. It appears that 13 of the deaths occurred just over the past week. No staff at the home have died, based on the report.

Ralph Marrinson, president of the Marrinson Group, which operates Manor Pines in addition to seven other senior care facilities in Florida and South Carolina, said in a telephone interview that he has been taking extensive action to contain the disease.

“We’re doing everything we’re supposed to be doing,” he said. “We’ve tested everybody. I just don’t know what more to say. It’s a worldwide situation. I just can’t wait till it’s over.”

The facility, which provides long-term care for seniors as well as short-term care for people with injuries or illnesses, has devoted two of its four wings to residents who have tested positive, Marrinson adds.

“We have two units that are completely isolated, and we have specific staff in each unit to make sure we don’t have any cross-contamination,” he said. “Like the nurses in the hospitals, all of our nurses and aides and everyone else are heroes.”

The state health department reports that 656 residents at nursing homes and assisted-living facilities have died from COVID-19 as of Friday. Eight staff members of facilities also died.

The Florida facility that had the most deaths as of Friday was the Seminole Pavilion Rehabilitation and Nursing Services in Pinellas County, where fatalities include 22 residents and one staffer.

In South Florida, Manor Pines has experienced the most deaths.

In total, the state report shows 81 nursing-home deaths in Broward County, 75 in Palm Beach County and 163 in Miami-Dade County.

According to the Department of Health, Florida had 40,001 total cases of COVID-19 as of Saturday.

At least 1,715 Florida residents have died from the virus. South Florida remains the epicenter.

Palm Beach County: 3,798 cases

-237 deaths

-Men: 1,910, Women: 1,811

-633 hospitalizations

Broward County: 5,780 cases

-257 deaths

-Men: 2,806, Women: 2,830

-1,158 hospitalizations

Miami-Dade County: 13,841 cases

-482 deaths

-Men: 7,128, Women: 6,547

-2,081 hospitalizations

Testing in Florida:

-Total Tests: 529,865

-Positive: 40,001

-Negative: 487,730

-Overall Percentage of Positive Cases: 7.5%