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“Catch” Brett Young in the kitchen, creating recipes on the fly

ABC/Mark Levine

ABC/Mark Levine So far, every song Brett Young‘s released has eventually made its way to number one, with his top twenty hit, “Catch,” currently following that path as well.

Before the California native started pursuing his career in music, his baseball skills were so impressive he landed a scholarship to play at Ole Miss.

In addition to his talents onstage and on the field, it turns out there’s one more place where Brett’s pretty handy — the kitchen.

“I think as far as guys go, I’m decent in the kitchen,” he says. “I do enjoy cooking, so I’m really fortunate, both my mom, my mother-in-law, and my now wife are all very good in the kitchen. So, anything I screw up they’ve got like, a backup item.”

Brett’s specialty, however, is improvising recipes with whatever he’s got on hand.

“One of the things I really like to do is kind of just like, throw things together,” he explains. “You know, look in the fridge see what odds and ends we have and try to come up with something.”

“I hate to waste food and so, yeah, I enjoy it,” he adds. “I would say I’m average, maybe better than most guys.”

Brett’s help in the kitchen these days is certainly much appreciated, since he and his wife Taylor welcomed their daughter Presley in October.

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