Sammy Cruise

Alligator And Golf? He Played Through!

He looked nervous but he still hit the ball anyway.  Not sure I would.  Love how the gator never flinched.     View this post on Instagram   Golfing in Florida is just different… 🐊 A post shared by Steel Lafferty (@steellafferty) on Aug 21, 2019 at 8:48am PDT

If Bacon Can’t Wake Up Tyler Hubbard…Then Nothing Will

You gotta be pretty exhausted to not wake up when you  have a piece of bacon waving in front of your nose.   View this post on Instagram Having a baby is just exhausting. 😉Hayley had been trying to wake me up for 20 minutes to help her out and If at 10am a piece […]

Is This A Rabbit Or Raven

Is this guy petting a rabbit or raven?  I’ve talked myself into both.  I believe its a raven (the beak looks too real) but can totally see a rabbit in there too.     Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose — Dan Quintana 🐰 (@dsquintana) August 18, 2019

Dale Earnhardt Jr., Wife & Their 1-Year-Old Are “OK” After Tennessee Plane Crash

Dale Earnhardt Jr. his wife, and their 1-year-old son were on board a small plane in Tenn. when it ran off the runway and caught fire. BREAKING: Elizabethton Fire Chief says Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife were on a plane that crashed this afternoon according to our CBS affiliate. — Alexandra Koehn (@NC5_AKoehn) […]

Bored? Watch This!

I mean…I’m not sure why I watched the whole thing.  I just had this thought that the pet bird had had enough with it!!

Luke Bryan’s Son Gets Special BDay Wake Up

This just proves that even celebrities like Luke are still just regular people.  I would do (and have done) the same thing for my kids.  He just looks better….like a lot better.  Scroll thru the first couple of pics.  You’ll see it.       View this post on Instagram   Happy birthday Tate!!! You’re […]

Me And Brad Paisley Over The Years

We’ve known each other for a long time and have had some fun.  Brad would sometimes dare me to do something on stage that he didn’t think I’d do….but I did.  Brad likes to prank his tour mates all the time.  So I decided years ago that I would do that to him.  So I […]