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Chase Rice looks toward “brighter days ahead” as he readies ‘The Album Part II’

Jason Myers

Jason MyersChase Rice can’t wait to get back on the road, but in the meantime, he’s giving fans something to look forward to. On May 15, he’ll release Part II of his ongoing project, The Album

“It was the plan the whole time, we just decided to stick with it,” he reveals. “Just because all this stuff is happening doesn’t mean people can’t listen to music.”

“So we’re gonna put out Part II and then Part III will be coming later in the year…” he continues. “It’s got four songs on it… To me, this is still a continuation of the best work that I’ve ever put together.”

It’s a particularly odd time for the “Eyes on You” hitmaker, because he hasn’t gotten to play many live shows since the first installment of The Album came out in January.

“Part I, man, it just got such an unbelievable response from the fans…” Chase tells ABC Audio. “And it’s crazy… people post at me all the time, but I don’t know what they’re gonna sing [back to me in concert]… So it’s gonna be tough to figure that out once we get back to it, which ones they want to hear.”

Chase’s current top twenty-five hit is “Lonely If You Are,” something that’s a bit ironic at a time when it’s particularly easy for some to feel alone.

“Sometimes everybody gets lonely,” the North Carolina native reflects, “but that’s the way life rolls. You’ve just gotta live through it and look for brighter days and they’re ahead of us.”

“But at the same time, I’m enjoying where I am in life,” he adds. “I’m enjoying the time off. Financially, it sucks, but I am enjoying the time also.”

Chase’s last live show was February 22 opening for Garth Brooks in Detroit. 

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