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Chris Janson reveals his “Good Vibes” are fueled by pumpkin spice lattes — sometimes 10 a day

ABC/Mark Levine

ABC/Mark LevineFor most of us, pumpkin spice is a “love it” or “hate it” proposition. Chris Janson not only fits squarely in the “love it” category — he may be a little obsessed.

If you’ve spotted him with trays full of coffee cups on Instagram, he admits they’re typically all for him — and they’re all one thing.

“It’s pumpkin spice latte — only from Starbucks,” he reveals. “Nobody makes it as good as they do.”

“I’ve been liquidating all the stashes around Nashville, because they stop them at Thanksgiving,” he explains. “But that’s not good enough for me. So I know that there’s Targets and all kinds of stuff that has Starbucks. So…I would go in and I’ve liquidated them.”

“I buy ’em 10 at a time,” Chris adds. “I put ’em in my fridge and I drink them, just hand over fist. I had like six today.”

The day of Chris’ number one party this week for “Good Vibes,” he’d had a particularly major pumpkin spice breakthrough. At a Starbucks location in Target, he got the barista to show him the secret.

“I was like, ‘Hey, man, could you like tell me how to make that?'” Chris whispers. “And he was like, ‘Absolutely.'”

“It’s real simple. You have to make it with a Starbucks espresso machine. So I’m gettin’ one of those now,” he laughs. “That might be my #1 gift.”

“Then you just pour the pumpkin spice stuff that I got off eBay into it, and drink it,” he continues. “Add a little milk and stir it up and go for it… I don’t really drink any coffee other than that, though.”

Chris does have a pumpkin spice problem looming: all of this year’s supply expires in April. Incidentally, he says all the caffeine doesn’t seem to bother him.

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