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Chris Lane revisits his headlining tour with “Big, Big Plans” live video

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Randy Shaffer

Randy ShafferChris Lane is offering a peek into his live show — and the personal moment that inspired his latest single — with a new video for “Big, Big Plans,” which was filmed during the sold-out Chicago stop on his Big, Big Plans Tour. 

The single is an especially momentous one for Chris, as he wrote and performed it as part of his proposal to his now-wife, Lauren. He previously shared video of the big moment, set to “Big, Big Plans.”

Later on, as he took his new single out on the road, Chris began to see how fans were interacting with the song and making it about their own love stories — not just his. 

“You never know if a song personal to your life is going to react in that way, but I’m thankful it did,” he reflects. “Now I see people making it their own story, using the song for their big moment as well. That’s really special.”

Since he wrote it as the soundtrack to his own love story, “Big, Big Plans” has gone on to become a part of special moments of many different listeners’ lives. In April, he performed it as part of an episode of The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart.

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