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Chris Young can’t say much about his CMAs “Famous Friends” performance, but it’s “definitely something new”

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Jeff Johnson

Chris Young and Kane Brown will hit the CMAs stage tonight for a rendition of their number-one song “Famous Friends,” but don’t expect to hear many details about what they’ve got planned for their performance ahead of showtime.

“Nothing. I’m not allowed to say anything at all [about it],” Chris jokes. “I will say that we have not done this particular gimmick for the performance anywhere before, so it’s definitely something new.”

Between the performance and his nominations for “Famous Friends,” Chris is expecting an exciting CMAs week, made even more special because he gets to share it with his friend Kane.

“[It’s] the first time I’ve ever been nominated for Single of the Year, and I get to celebrate those noms with KB,” he adds, going on to reflect on his longtime friendship with his fellow country superstar.

“Kane’s fantastically talented and I love that I’ve been able to get to know him That I knew him before he had the record deal, and was getting the chance to write with him and have some cuts on his records. And then was able to ask him to be a part of mine,” Chris continues. “…Watching this song blow up and become bigger than we ever expected it to has been so much fun.”

The 2021 CMA Awards airs beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

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