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Chris Young sings the praises of music education in schools

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Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Chris Young doesn’t know where he would be without music education, and he doesn’t want to know. The Tennessee native has been an outspoken advocate of promoting music education in schools, largely because he knows how influential his education in his early years helped inspire his own successful career.

“The reason I’m so passionate about music in schools is that’s one of the first things that gets cut and people don’t think it’s very important,” Chris tells Nashville Lifestyles. “But it is important. It’s just not always top of mind.”

Even for those who don’t want to pursue a music career like he did, the Grand Ole Opry member says music education is invaluable in young people.

“That is a way for kids to not only express themselves,” Chris says. “But even if it doesn’t become their job, it’s a really great way for some kids to learn … It’s been proven statistically — and in the real world — that having music as an option in schools only betters [students]. Period.”

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