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City leaders to vote on whether beaches should reopen in Boca Raton

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At the request of some city leaders in Boca Raton, the Palm Beach County City Council plans to vote on whether or not they will reopen public beaches, parks, tennis courts, and private golf courses in the area.

As of Monday, these areas remain closed in Palm Beach County in an attempt to slowly the spread of the virus. Officials in Boca Raton, however, state that as long as the public continues to wear face masks and practice social distancing measures, there is no reason why they can not open some common areas.

The vote to reopen parts of Boca Raton is set to take place on Tuesday night.

If the request is granted, Boca Raton will join Jacksonville as two of the only cities in Florida to reopen during the pandemic. Jacksonville became the first city in Florida to reopen some public areas Friday. The city has reopened public beaches and parks during specific times throughout the day for walking, biking, hiking, fishing, running, swimming, and surfing. Despite social distancing measures still being in place, photos showed area beaches and parks packed with people.