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Couple arrested after child’s thumb chewed down to bone


Police say the child was so thin and only weighed 45 pounds.

Marcus Brown and Annette Slater were arrested on outstanding warrants and now face child abuse and neglect charges.

According to West Palm Beach police the couple left the child, who has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, unsupervised at a hospital in August. Hospital staff told police the child appeared to be only “skin and bones” and had an infected thumb that had been chewed down to the bone. Doctors had to partially amputate the thumb.

After conducting an investigation police say witnesses told them that the child always looked hungry, leading to the child biting their own thumb.

Police said the Department of Children and Families had previously tried to help with the child’s doctor visits. However, the parents showed an “utter unwillingness to cooperate.”

The couple has been booked into the county jail.