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Crash My Playa Mayor Dustin Lynch teases “anything and everything goes” once you “start drinking tequila”

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ABC/Image Group LAToday, Luke Bryan‘s sixth annual Crash My Playa getaway vacation gets underway in Riviera Cancun, Mexico. And that means it’s time for Dustin Lynch to assume his official duties.

“In year two, [Luke] made me the official mayor of Crash My Playa,” Dustin recalls. “This is our sixth year… and I’ve been back every year with Luke to do this festival.”

“There’s pool parties during the day,” he continues, “and then actual shows on the beach at night. And it’s become quite the circus down there.”

Through the years, Mayor Lynch has picked up a couple tricks to help him survive the “circus.”

“I’ve just got to be on top of my game and take a lot of Pedialyte down there with me,” he laughs.

Dustin’s Crash My Playa reputation has its roots in his ability to bring the fun by the pool.

“Our pool party is what’s kind of turned into my own animal over the years,” he explains. “And that’s what everybody always talks about and looks forward to.”

“Gosh, there’s 5000 people there,” he adds. “So it’s literally wall to wall people in the pool. They’re all over the place, in the bushes.”

“But there’s no rules at the pool party. So anything and everything goes,” he reveals. “There’s no set list. We kind of just start drinking tequila and see what happens.”

In 2020, Dustin promises it’ll be more unpredictable than ever.

“Each year, the pool party becomes a bigger and bigger circus,” he says. “So I’m bringing in some friends to pull off some stunts.”

“It’s its own thing. I don’t give too much away. You’ve got to be there to see it. And a lot of things are a little illegal,” he teases.

Dustin’s new album, Tullahoma, came out on Friday.

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