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‘Dancing’ daddy Jimmie Allen reveals the strategy that’s pushing him closer to the mirrorball

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ABC/Eric McCandless

Jimmie Allen‘s coming off a big week, as he heads into “Grease Night” this evening on Dancing with the Stars

Not only did he and his wife Alexis Gale welcome their second daughter, Zara James, over the weekend, he also just turned in his best performance of the season last Tuesday on Disney Villains Night. 

Part of Jimmie’s strategy has been to learn everything he can from folks who’ve done well on the show before.

“I was actually FaceTiming Lauren [Alaina] today, talking about the Rumba,” he told ABC Audio earlier in the season. “Talked to NellyAJ McLean and I talked to Chuck [Wicks]. I talked to Nick Carter, talked to Donald DriverDeMarcus Ware, talked to BabyFace — a bunch of people that did it.”

“You know, it’s been super cool,” Jimmie continues. “Rashad Jennings, he actually won it with my partner Emma [Slater]. Kaitlyn Bristowe, that won it last year, I talked to her yesterday. It was super cool.”

Jimmie’s also relying on country fans to come through for him.

“Oh, yeah! Listen, them country music fans show up!” he says excitedly. “Okay, they show up! And I’m hoping they graded me low, so they can see the growth, and then I can come back next and try to get better.”

“Because I don’t wanna jump from sixes and fives to nines and tens…” he explains. “I kinda wanna work my way up. I don’t wanna go too high too fast.”  

So far, it’s a plan that seems to be working.

Tonight, tune in to see Jimmie dance the Foxtrot to “Sandy,” starting at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. 

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