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“Detours” during COVID-19: Jordan Davis invites you to “Church in a Chevy” on self-titled new EP

Eric Ryan Anderson

Eric Ryan Anderson By STEPHEN HUBBARD, ABC News

The follow-up to Jordan Davis‘ debut album, Home State, arrives on Friday: It’s a self-titled, six-song EP featuring his new single, “Almost Maybes.” 

Though they were written before the pandemic, several of the songs on the collection seem to have taken on special meaning in the time of COVID-19.  For instance, “Church in a Chevy” describes a spiritual encounter in a truck, and starts with the line, “I woke up today and the world felt heavy.”

“That song was written before quarantine even happened,” Jordan explains. “You know, sometimes we get caught up in the religion part of it and think that we can’t have that conversation when we’re fishing or when we’re driving at night down a road, and [it’s] just kind of you and your thoughts. And I think it hits [home] even more now.”

“Detours” is a romantic song that details how the wrong roads can lead to true love, yet it feels eerily prescient at a time when much of our world seems to have veered off-course.

“We’re in a time that we’ve never been in,” Jordan tells ABC Audio. “And kind of the end message on ‘Detours’ is like, ‘Don’t be afraid of ’em.'”

“I had a lot of detours towards leading up to meeting [my wife] Kristen, and some of ’em weren’t that great,” he admits. “But I learned something from it.”

“And I think…we just kind of take that whole thing into quarantine, where it’s a huge detour, but how are we gonna come out of this a better person than we were when we went into it?” he reflects.

“It’s just kinda finding a way to embrace life’s challenges and try to find a way to become a better person because of it.”

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