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Dierks Bentley pushes the envelope as Doug Douglason as the Hot Country Knights’ debut arrives

Capitol Nashville

Capitol NashvilleIf you’re in need of some comic relief, it arrives today with the debut album by Hot Country Knights, titled The K Is Silent

Even if you’re not familiar with the Knights, you likely know their fearless leader, Dierks Bentley, who puts his tongue firmly in cheek to sport a mullet wig and masquerade as their lead singer, Doug Douglason

For years, Dierks and his real-life band have been donning acid-washed jeans and other nineties garb to play bar gigs and even open their own arena shows as the retro band. 

Earlier this week, Dierks never broke character as he talked about the album while dressed as Doug, even claiming that the Knights had anticipated COVID-19.  

“A lot of people don’t come to our shows. Let’s be honest,” he joked. “But that’s by design. We’ve been kind of seeing this pandemic thing maybe happening for the last thirty years, so we’ve been practicing a lot of social distancing in our live shows.”

“We usually have, like, ten people come out,” he went on. “That way, they can all be spaced far enough apart that we can continue to play music.”

With tracks like “Asphalt” and “Moose Knuckle Shuffle,” the Knights’ record is heavy with innuendo. Dierks even takes things one step farther, wearing mainly his tighty whities in the music video for “You Make It Hard,” with Terri Clark. Doug even alleges there’s a racier, pay-per-view version in the works.  

“It’s kind of what I do. It’s what I did before I did all this anyway,” he says. “I’ve just been gifted in a lot of different ways other than just musically. And so, it’s really in my wheelhouse, and something we’ll be offering the fans for a little side package, uh, so to speak.”

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