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Dierks Bentley’s ‘90s comedy outfit, Hot Country Knights, drops first single, ‘Pick Her Up’


UMG NashvilleDierks Bentley’s alter-ego, Douglas “Doug” Douglason, is leading the charge back to country music’s ‘90s heyday in his group The Hot Country Knights. The band just dropped their debut single, “Pick Her Up,” which is a duet with Travis Tritt

The new song is a lesson in how to impress a true-blue country girl, arguing that the first step, of course, is to show up to a date with a pickup truck. The band roll-calls all the ingredients for a country couple’s perfect first date, from ice-cold beers to honky tonk tunes. 

An upcoming music video for “Pick Her Up” will get an extra ‘90s jolt from a cameo by actor Tiffany Thiessen, who plays her character from sitcom Saved by the BellKelly Kapowski.

“She’s an honorary Knight,” Douglas told Billboard of Kelly’s participation in the video. “She held her own. I think she might even have made the video better by being in it, which is saying a lot because we were in it.”

Upon releasing their debut single, the Knights hinted that there’s much more new music to come. The group recently signed a record deal with Universal Music Group, which is Dierks’ record label, too. The “Living” superstar has said he plans to produce a forthcoming batch of songs for the Knights.

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