Disney Hinting at Changes In Future


When the Disney theme parks reopen following the coronavirus lockdown, visitors might have to show more than a ticket to come inside. In an interview with Executive Chairman Bob Iger, he revealed some of the plans his staff is considering to assure the public of their safety. “Just as we now do bag checks for everybody that goes into our parks, it could be that at some point we add a component that takes people’s temperatures, as a for-instance,” he tells the magazine.

In movie news, movies like Artemis Fowl and Onward already appear on Disney Plus, there could be others to follow soon despite movies like Mulan, Jungle Cruise, and Black Widow being moved to later dates.  “There may be a few more that we end up putting on Disney Plus,” Iger said in his interview.

Star Wars fans may not have to wait too long! It looks like the next film is set for 2022.  The speculation is that the film will take place during the time of the Old Republic and could mean an appearance from fan favorite, Darth Revan!