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Dolly Parton’s glad she’s known for good deeds and generosity, “but I don’t want to be worshipped”

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In recent years, Dolly Parton has made nearly as many headlines for her philanthropy as for her music.

She expanded her Imagination Library program, raised money for middle Tennessee flood victims, and of course, she donated $1 million in 2020 to help fund the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Now, she’s been named one of the 2021 People of the Year by People Magazine. But in an interview with the publication, Dolly says she’s hesitant to accept too much recognition for her good deeds.

“…I don’t want to be worshipped, because there’s a scripture in my Bible that talks about idol worship,” the singer reflects. “And I see that happening all the time with movie stars and these celebrities. People literally worship them more than they worship God. And I just — I cringe at it sometimes.”

Then there’s the “pressure” that comes along with all that good press, the singer goes on to say. Still, Dolly’s happy to be able to set a “good example.”

“But yeah, it’s like, I am not all that,” she adds. “I’m glad that I stand for enough stuff to where I’m not the worst person in the world.”

Other 2021 People of the Year include gymnast Simone Biles, actor Sandra Oh and National Teacher of the Year Juliana Urtubey.

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