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Don’t expect to see Luke Combs’ baby boy Tex on tour with him — at least, not for a while

M Lukecombs 17

When Luke Combs hits the road this fall for his Middle of Somewhere Tour, he’ll be leaving his wife, Nicole, and their infant son, Tex, at home.

That’s because Luke and Nicole are concerned about adding a baby into the already hectic touring lifestyle, he explains, and they worry that it would have a negative impact on Tex.

“We don’t even take our dog out on the road because of how much we feel like that affects his quality of life,” the singer explains. 

“So I can’t imagine wanting to take a newborn out there,” Luke continues. “And I’m sure there’s people that do that, and not that maybe that couldn’t happen…But I think we want to make sure that we have this parenting thing down and figure it out before we start adding in a variable as huge as doing it on the road.”

Plus, he’s worried that Nicole’s comfort and sanity might suffer if she had to bear the brunt of childcare alone on a tour bus.

“I’m usually not around,” Luke points out. “And I definitely wouldn’t want Nicole to feel like she’s trapped on the bus with the baby, and not able to go anywhere or do anything. I think that would be pretty awful. At least for me, I think that would be pretty stressful.”

Still, like many other aspects of parenting, the singer says his decision is subject to change. “Things may shake out differently,” he adds. “We’ll just have to wait and see what happens on that one.”

The Middle of Somewhere Tour kicks off in early September.

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