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Dustin Lynch will make some ‘Front & Center’ memories later this month in Nashville

Connor Dwyer

Connor DwyerDustin Lynch fans will get an unexpected chance to see the “Small Town Boy” in his home state later this month, as he performs a special concert February 18 for the tenth season of public television’s Front and Center.

The “Ridin’ Roads” hitmaker will do an intimate show at Analog at Hutton Hotel in Nashville, one that’s a variation of his headlining Stay Country Tour.

“We’ve been hard at work putting a new show together. We’ve got a completely new show,” he tells ABC Audio. “Of course, with the new album Tullahoma being out, there’s a lot of new songs to choose from. So we’re gonna be playing a lot of new music, obviously our hits. And we’ve got a couple of intimate moments we’ve never done before as well.”

Whether Dustin’s playing an arena or an exclusive venue like Analog, he’s always looking to get as close to his audience as possible.

“My goal with every tour’s to make the crowd be a part of our show,” he explains. “It’s a lot more fun whenever they are part of the show, and pretty much on stage with us and not watching us.”

“So the show’s all about getting them involved,” he adds, “getting everybody dancing, and mak[ing] some memories together.”  

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Dustin’s Front and Center concert is set to air later this year as the tenth season of the show premieres on public television. You’ll also be able to hear it as part of a three-hour radio special from ABC Audio as well.

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