Catch ‘Em Up

Ep 19. Fishing + Protecting Our Marine Life

Offshore fishing talk takes a turn when Scotty D. shares what he found inside a Mahi he filleted this week and we address a major problem we’re seeing off our coast in West Palm Beach, FL.  

Trash is increasingly taking over our oceans and effecting our marine life, we’re sharing what we see on our waters first-hand, and discus what we can do to better protect our marine life. 

Moriah has recently gotten the radio station she works for (New Country 103.1 WIRK) to get involved and have teamed up with the Beach Bucket Foundation. We’ll be doing our first beach cleanup on October 10th, 2021 at Ocean Reef Park stating at 8am… if you’re in the area we encourage you to join us, or get involved with an organization in your area.  

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