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Expert: COVID-19 Vaccine Will NOT be Available by the end of the year.


Infectious diseases expert Dr. Aileen Marty says a cornonavirus vaccine will not be available by the end of the year as the president said over the weekend. She says that there are at least 100 different vaccines being tested at this time around the world.

Everyone recognizes that this is a horrible virus, so there is a willingness to cut some corners to see if they can get a decent vaccine out sooner. They are trying to figure out which vaccine is demonstrating that it is effective and safe.

The study that is ongoing with the various vaccines determines if they are safe in non-humans. Then it will be on to human testing and there is always a concern when giving a trial vaccine to people that it will not be safe.

Sunday, President Trump predicted a coronavirus vaccine is on the horizon.
At a Fox News townhall, Trump said he believes a vaccine will be available by the end of the year.
Trump admitted that he would rather have therapeutic treatments for the respiratory illness. He touted the hope that the drug remdesivir could treat coronavirus.

It’s being fast-tracked for FDA approval after a study showed it could hasten recovery from COVID-19.