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Fauci: U.S. “Struggling” to Get Coronavirus Under Control

Coronavirus Outbreak

The nation’s top infectious disease expert said Sunday that the United States is “struggling” to get the coronavirus pandemic under control. Dr. Anthony Fauci added that to say otherwise “would be a false statement.”

Dr. Fauci warned Americans in an interview on CBS that “it is going to be a bad week” as there is a projected escalation in cases, although “within a week” or so the number of cases should begin to flatten out.

“Are you saying, doctor, despite the deaths that we may see, that mitigation is working, and that you do have this outbreak under control?” CBS’ Margaret Brennan asked him.

“I will not say we have it under control, Margaret. That would be a false statement. We are struggling to get it under control, and that’s the issue that’s at hand right now,” Fauci replied.

He continued: “The thing that’s important is that what you see is increases in new cases, which then start to flatten out. But the end result of that you don’t see for days or weeks down the pipe.”

Fauci added that it it crucial for the coronavirus to get “globally under control,” or risk becoming a seasonal issue. He emphasized that ongoing efforts to develop a vaccine and the beginning of clinical trials will hopefully mean the country is more prepared in the event of a recurrence of COVID-19.