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Florida DOH: Eight New COVID-19 Cases, Three in Broward


The Florida Department of Health has announced eight new positive coronavirus cases in the state. All individuals are being “appropriately cared for and isolated,” the agency tweeted late Tuesday. Seven of the cases are identified as “travel-related.”

Broward County is under a State of Emergency because of the coronavirus. Three people who work at Port Everglades are among those testing positive. No cases are reported in Palm Beach County.

This brings the total number of in-state cases of the respiratory disease known as COVID-19 to 23, including two non-Florida residents who have tested positive but will remain in the state until cleared for travel.

The virus, which started in China late last year and has spread around the world, is particularly dangerous to seniors and people with underlying health conditions. Of the Floridians diagnosed in the state, for example, 18 are at least 60 years.

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