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Florida Senator Rick Scott’s Opinion on PPP “It’s Not Complicated”

Rick Scott

(Washington, DC) — Dead people are among those Republican Senator and former Florida Governor Rick Scott says are wrongly benefiting from the Paycheck Protection Program.

In an op-ed at FoxNews.com this morning, Scott pointed out what he sees as several flaws with the program. Sen. Scott wrote:
“Common sense isn’t complicated.

Don’t send money to dead people. That’s not complicated.

Don’t bail out huge corporations or send taxpayer money to businesses that haven’t been hurt by this crisis. That’s not complicated.

Don’t incentivize workers to stay on government-run, taxpayer-funded programs when this crisis has ended and we need them to go back to work. That’s not complicated.”

He claims the Treasury Department has sent stimulus checks to the deceased, and there’s no plan to get that money back.

He also says under the PPP, some people could earn more money by not working than they could by working.

Scott says these problems, and others, show why government needs more common sense and needs to be run like a business.

He adds that any elected official who believes government is too complicated to run like a business should resign tomorrow.