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Florida Tourism Warns Spring Break Threatened by Coronavirus

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Florida has declared a state of emergency to help fight the coronavirus outbreak as millions of Americans gear up for spring break.

The state is a popular destination and its beaches draw crowds annually, but tourism officials said they are worried about the impact the outbreak will have on businesses this year.

As Florida’s busy spring break season kicked off this month, coronavirus czar Vice President Mike Pence addressed something that’s been on the mind of tens of thousands of families preparing to travel to Orlando theme parks: Are they safe?

Over the weekend, Pence stressed it is safe for healthy Americans to travel, noting “one of our favorite places to go when my children were young and even before my children came was in Orlando.”

“Whether it be Disney World, whether it be other destination, whether it be cruise ships … those most at risk are seniors with serious or chronic underlying health conditions.”

“Otherwise Americans can confidently travel in this country,” Pence said at a meeting with cruise industry officials in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday.

Many tourists are opting to drive rather than fly to Florida.

Still, as COVID-19 concerns multiply, the issue weighs heavily in the tourism industry.