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For Blake Shelton, "Minimum Wage" is all about love

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For Blake Shelton, it was love at first listen, when he initially encountered his current top-20 hit.

‘Minimum Wage’ is a song that I heard for the first time about a year ago, maybe a little bit longer,” he explains, “and had a lot of ideas how I wanted to record this song. I fell in love with it instantly.”

Though it’s no doubt been a long time since the Oklahoma native was making minimum wage, he was drawn to what the tune has to say.

“I love the message of the song,” Blake says, “and I love that it says something about how you don’t need a lot of money, you don’t need all the possessions in the world, you just need to have love.”

“And the song on top of that is just a blast,” he adds.

While his current-day knowledge of hourly pay may not be that extensive, Blake does know a thing or two about love, since he’s presently engaged to longtime girlfriend Gwen Stefani

So far, Blake hasn’t revealed if “Minimum Wage” is the precursor to a new album or not, as he’s previously said he enjoys the freedom of putting out single tracks. 

By Stephen Hubbard
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