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Former Marine arrested after lying at PBIA security checkpoints

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A former US Marine has been arrested after he lied his way past two Secret Service checkpoints at Palm Beach International Airport.
The incident occurred Saturday while President Donald Trump prepared to leave the airport en route to Washington.
According to the report, Brandon Mark Magnan and a male passenger drove up to the checkpoint on Southern Boulevard and Kirk Road and identified himself as security for the president’s Marine One helicopter. Magnan then presented a case with the words ” law enforcement officer” on it and his identification that had the seals of the Marine Corps and the Marine Corps Security Flight Detachment.
Security at the first checkpoint then allowed him to go through to the second checkpoint.
At a second checkpoint, Magnan again identified himself as security for the president and showed his identification. Again, Magnan was allowed through.
Shortly after Magnan got through the second checkpoint, he was approached by a PBSO deputy who was concerned that Magnan was not dressed in a Marine Corps uniform, “as is common practice during active presidential travel.”
The deputy asked for Magnan’s identification and then contacted members of the Marine One security team. The service members then told the deputy that Magnan’s identification was counterfeit.
Authorities further questioned Magnan about his identification and that’s when he told them that he was a retired Marine One Security officer.
Secret Service then ran a background check on Magnan, which revealed that he had been dishonorably discharged from the military in 2010 “following his conviction at Court Martial for serious offenses.”
When confronted with this information, Magnan admitted that he had been dishonorably discharged from the military and that he was not a Marine One officer.
He was arrested for false impersonation of an officer or an employee of the United States.  As of Monday, he was bonded out of jail.