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Four Jet Skiers injured in Accident on St. Lucie Rivier


Four people were injured after a jet ski accident yesterday on the St. Lucie River, near the boat ramp at Sandsprit Park.
The FWC is investigating after one ski T-boned the other causing series injuries to the legs of the riders. Two girls, one from each jet ski, were flown to the hospital with serious injuries to their lower extremities.

According to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, crews responded to a “serious jet ski crash” near the Sandsprit Park boat ramp, located at 3443 SE St. Lucie Boulevard.

Marine Unit Deputy Michael Libashi said one of the jet skis ’T-boned’ the other. “They collided with each other in the river,” Libashi said. “There were two on each [jet ski], but only one from each watercraft was injured.

Law enforcement officers and an assisting citizen helped bring the jet skis to the boat ramps at Sandsprit Park. The jet skis were later taken from the scene by FWC.

Authorities could not say who owns the jet skis. That is part of the investigation.

The teens were old enough to legally operate personal watercraft in Florida. However, that could change if the jet skis were rented.

“There are age restrictions, there are also livery responsibilities- livery being who rents jet skis if these are in fact rentals. All of that is still sketchy and FWC will comment at a later date,” Libashi said.