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“Full Phase One” Reopening Underway in Florida, What about “Phase Two?”

Ron DeSantis

Now that the full phase one reopening of Florida is underway including Broward and Miami Dade counties, Gov. Ron DeSantis is now preparing most of the state to enter Phase Two reopening.

In Phase Two, people from vulnerable populations would still be asked to self-isolate, groups of up to 50 would be permitted, albeit with social distancing still in play.

Phase Two would also allow increased restaurant capacity, as well as the reopening of gyms, schools, and bars with social distancing and diminished occupancy.

The Governor stressed these are modest changes.

“Phase Two really isn’t that different from what Florida’s done already … basically about opening up bars and some of those things.”

The Governor expressed enthusiasm for gyms reopening.

“Sanitation” is one key, as well as gym users being ‘in shape,’ the Governor said, citing the importance of “access to gyms” and “exercise.”

DeSantis lauded his decision not to crack down on golfing during the coronavirus-driven economic shutdowns of the last two months.

“Outdoors is our friend,” the Governor said. “The Villages had a record amount of tee sheets and zero people from the Villages are in that UF hospital right now.”

“Daycares,” DeSantis noted, have been “open the whole time.”

Though South Florida may still be on a slower path, the Governor notes that Florida is a “diverse state,” and he won’t “(roll) back the entire state if there’s an outbreak in Hialeah.”

“Outside prisons and nursing homes,” the Governor noted, there are “very few cases.”