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Garth Brooks encourages fans to stay together (while staying apart) through “Words with Friends”

ABC/Randy Holmes

ABC/Randy HolmesGarth Brooks has long been a fan of the online game “Words with Friends,” even helping create a custom tile last year. Now, the superstar is continuing his partnership with game developing company Zynga, and Amazon Prime, to create a special experience that will help players stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The great thing about people is that we’re all meant to be together. And even with this virus, even with social distancing, we’re gonna find a way to be apart together,” the singer said in a statement on social media.

Garth plans to contribute specialized in-game activations and original broadcasts to Amazon Prime members as they play “Words with Friends.” The singer says he’s excited to help bring people together virtually, especially because he’s seen first-hand in his own household how rewarding those experiences can be during quarantine. 

The singer’s wife, fellow star Trisha Yearwood, has moved her weekly hang sessions with friends to a virtual format, he goes on to explain.  “They’re in there talking, even though they’re spread out all over the country,” Garth relates. “So let’s take it one step further. Now, let’s play apart, together.”

While he’s planning to challenge some old buddies from college in the game, Garth says his wife just might be the one person he wouldn’t dare go up against. 

“I will not challenge the queen, because she will beat my butt every time,” he declares.

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