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Garth Brooks is taking requests for an exclusive live-streamed Facebook concert

ABC Radio

ABC RadioJust because the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak is keeping Garth Brooks off the road doesn’t mean he can’t connect with his fans. The singer is dreaming up a creative new way to share his music, and he’s doing it with a little help from his listeners.

It all started during an installment of Garth’s live Facebook series, Inside Studio G. One fan jokingly made mention of Keith Whitley’s song, “Ten Feet Away,” in reference to the current climate of social distancing in order to halt the spread of the virus. 

That gave Garth an idea. 

“Let’s just make a date,” he said. “Next week we’re just gonna do…guitar, vocal. You send in the set list.”

The singer decided to plan a live-streamed show over Facebook to take place next Monday, with a set that will last anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour, based on on what fans request. 

“We’ll do our best depending on what the set list is,” Garth continued, adding that both “covers [and] album cuts are on the table.” 

Furthermore, the live-streamed show will be available exclusively to the people who join in in real time, at 7PM ET. “You only get to see it when it’s going down,” Garth noted.

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