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Garth Brooks refused to leave Trisha Yearwood’s side during her COVID-19 illness, even to quarantine

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Trisha Yearwood survived contracting COVID-19 back in February, and looking back on her illness now, she says her husband Garth Brooks was the ultimate devoted caretaker — to a fault. 

“He would not stay away from me. I’m like, ‘Dude, I cannot be responsible for giving Garth Brooks COVID. You have to go quarantine on the other side of the house,’” the singer jokingly recollects in an interview with People.

Fortunately, Garth — who was vaccinated — never got sick. “He took really good care of me, but he drove me crazy,” Trisha goes on to say. 

Though she had a relatively mild bout with the virus, Trisha stresses that her illness was “no joke.” In fact, she had symptoms that lingered for months, including a lack of taste and smell — especially problematic due to the fact that she’s the host of her own cooking show, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen

Trisha’s senses are coming back, she says, but even now, they’re not at a hundred percent. “Some of it’s weird. Some of it’s not what’s supposed to be. But I hear as long as it’s changing, it’s getting better,” she says of her faculties of taste and smell.

“I had what was considered a mild case…we were lucky that COVID didn’t go into our lungs, but that’s probably also why we have more trouble here,” she explains, gesturing to her face. 

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